For many, the holidays are a time to see family or visit their hometown. While this can be a warm and joyful time, often family can be a source of stress or anxiety. We have put together a list of crystals for familial health and healing during this time.

black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is best known to deflect heavy energy and encourage well-being. This is great for protecting your mental health and setting boundaries for yourself.


Citrine, also known as the sunshine stone, boosts optimism and clarity. This is a fantastic crystal for bringing positive energy with you into any and all circumstances.


Mookaite is best known for assisting in communication and familial healing. This can help with breaking generational patterns and fostering forgiveness when necessary.


Agate, especially Botswana agate, is known to soothe tension and balance emotions. This can be crucial when in high stress and high energy situations .


Amethyst brings tranquility and metamorphosis – wonderful for staying calm in stressful situations and moving forward from them afterwards.

rose quartz

Rose quartz boosts compassion and gentleness, both towards yourself and the people around you. It is also best-known for fostering self-love, which can be vital in times of discomfort.