New Year: Fresh Start

We believe that it’s always a good time for a Fresh Start – but there is no better time than the start of a New Year!

We’ve compiled a list of our top recommended crystals for renewal and rejuvenation and our products in which you can find them.

Amethyst brings tranquility and encourages metamorphosis and prosperity.

Find it in: Healing Stones, Calm: Mini Stone Pack, and Amethyst Clusters (and more!)

Selenite increases self-awareness and flexibility, assisting in clearing energy that may not serve you at this time.

Find it in: Ritual Kit: Fresh Start, Cleanse + Elevate Crystal Grid Toolkit, Selenite Towers, and Meditation Stones (and more!)  

Amazonite balances energy and reveals truths. Use this clarity to start your year (or any new era) with a clean slate.

Find it in: 12 Day Self-Care Toolkit, Chakra Collection: Reveal Box, and the Amazonite Diffuser Bracelet (and more!)

Blue apatite calms mental turmoil and encourages nourishing choices – self-care in a crystal!

Find it in: Energy Collection: Balance + Reflect Bracelet.

Optical calcite enhances communication and mental clarity, allowing one to clearly see the root of an issue.

Find it in: Trust + Manifest Crystal Collection, 12 Day Self-Care Toolkit, and Aura + Chakra Cleanse Kit.

Citrine encourages optimism and confidence, while fostering clarity and intuition.

Find it in: Mini Energy Set: Abundance + Strength, Mini Energy Set: Joy + Bliss, and Essential Collection: Reveal Box (and more!)

Xiuyan jade supports dream insight and offers clarity on the path to achieving your desires.

Find it in: Wisdom: Cosmic Crystal Collection, and 12 Day Self-Care Toolkit.

Blue kyanite strengthens communication skills and increases energy. It is also good for clearing and aligning all chakras.

Find it in: Essential Collection: Reveal Box, and Aura + Chakra Cleanse Kit.

Lepidolite encourages honesty and calmness, and assists in restructuring habitual patterns.

Find it in: Healing Stones, Zodiac Crystal Collection: Water, and our Lepidolite Necklace.

Black Tourmaline grounds the mind and encourages wellbeing, while also deflecting heavy energy.

Find it in: Black Agate Wall Hanging, 12 Day Self-Care Toolkit, and Sanctuary Cleanse Kit.

And of course, Clear Quartz clears the energy of the space and crystals surrounding it, refreshing all in its presence.

Find it in: Clear Quartz Wind Mobile, Ritual Kit: Fresh Start, Trust + Manifest Crystal Collection (and lots more!)