What is a Mandala?

  • Mandala is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning circle or region.
  • Though the word is Sanskrit, mandalas have been used across many  cultures and religions throughout history: from Hinduism to Buddhism to the Celts and more! 
  • Commonly, mandalas are artistic representations of higher consciousness and creational energy that incorporate sacred geometric symbols.
  • Mandalas can come in many forms – there is no one “standard” mandala, though it is typically defined as a circular image designed to direct the mind from the outside of the pattern, in. 
  • This is most often used as a tool for seeking understanding and acceptance of the self, leading to peace and clarity of mind, grounding, and the release of unhelpful thoughts and behaviors.
  • They may be paired with crystals and mantras (transformative thoughts or sounds used with intentional repetition) for a refreshing, uplifting experience. 

TERRA: Crystal + Mandala Bundle for Harmony

Invoke harmony –
A genuine connection
To terra below.

TERRA is a bundle of crystals to use when connecting to the earth (terra) beneath you. Craft a moment of tranquility and gain a sense of grounding through meditation with a mandala. This is inspired by the tradition of nature painting – the practice of creating a mandala with objects from nature, then letting the natural elements of the mandala rejoin the environment. You may also want to use this fabric panel as a visual reference to create a freeform nature mandala.

Use TERRA to:

  • practice mindfulness
  • ground and stabilize your energy
  • commune with nature and access the Divine Feminine
  • experience harmony between yourself, Mother Earth, the cosmos, and beyond

about the crystals:

  • Yellow fluorite: Balances mental rationality with intuitive guidance in the third eye space. Beneficial for collaborative efforts, as it welcomes creativity and an awareness of the connective structure of unconditional love – oneness.
  • Labradorite: Draws vibrant cosmic energy to the planet. Protects and clears the aura. Enhances understanding of intuitive guidance, so clear actions may be taken.
  • Rainbow fluorite: Provides a refreshing wave of energy to surroundings and the body. Prepares multiple aspects of the Self – mental, physical, and emotional – to receive restorative light energy.
  • Clear quartz: Aligns thoughts and emotions with harmonic forces of creation. Amplifies inherent energetic properties and intentions set into crystals used in conjunction with it.

more mantras for harmony:

PURE: Crystal + Mandala Bundle for Mindfulness

Quiet clarity –
A gift of reflection to
Invite creation.

PURE is a bundle of crystals to use in a quiet, ceremonious mindset. Craft a moment of tranquility and gain mental clarity through meditation with a mandala. Invoke an ancient awareness of creation energy within and around you. Placing the crystals around your environment enhances your experience with the mandala and the “clairs.”

Use PURE to:

  • practice mindfulness
  • explore your thoughts and emotions in a judgement-free way
  • seek peace and clarity of the mind and spirit
  • access personal power and higher wisdom

about the crystals:

  • Petrified wood: Acts as a stone of strength and transformation – a catalyst to reach higher aspects of the Self. Grounds useful information gathered while meditating. Assists in accessing past life memories that may arise from the subconscious/unconscious mind when meditating and looking at the mandala.
  • Peach moonstone: Calmly invites awareness of the Divine Feminine archetype within self-expression. Fosters introspection and intuition to discern and release obstacles, revealing the easiest path forward in life.
  • Blue kyanite: Eases the mind and body into a calm, meditative state. Clears murky energy to provide luminous clarity within the chakras and subtle energetic fields of the body. Assists in effective communication.
  • Clear quartz: Provides a balanced, beneficial energy field in which to practice mindfulness and meditation, resulting in mental clarity. Aligns thoughts and emotions with harmonic forces of creation.

more mantras for mindfulness:

Sacred Geometry

  • Mandalas are rooted in sacred geometry, which is all about energy.
  • Grids are formed from overlapping flat shapes (triangles, rectangles, circles, spirals, etc.) that create compound shapes and intersecting lines.
  • Within the crystal grid structure, the 1D lines form 2D shapes, which become 3D forms. These forms become multidimensional energy fields that extend in all directions from the printed or laser-etched lines. This is called “sacred geometry.”
  • Geometric patterns and synchronicities are found all throughout nature, when we create our own through crystal gridding or practicing with mandalas, we tap into the powerful and all-knowing energy of the universe to manifest, cleanse, protect, or to simply touch base with your higher self.
  • Your higher self already understands the information in these shapes and is gathering and interpreting the information from them on a subconscious level.
  • As you study sacred geometry, you’ll start noticing patterns and relationships with the structure of the universe, and the ways you are reflected throughout nature.

The 'Clairs'

  • The clair senses are psychic experiences that can be related to heightened physical senses. They may be sensed intensely, without a physical event as a precursor.
  • The clairs have French language roots: ex. clair + voyant = clear + seeing.
  • When practicing with a mandala, one might experience one or more of these senses, as they become more in tune with their Higher Self and cosmic guidance.