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Vernal Equinox 3/20/2023

The Vernal Equinox. A day of balance, dualities, and renewal. On this day, there are equal parts light and dark, day and night. This is a time to take stock of the dualities of the universe and how they affect your life. Explore both the masculine and feminine sides of yourself. Ask yourself how the above (the cosmos or your higher self) influences below (your corporeal body and conscious mind).

Aries Full Moon 10/09/2022

A full moon in Aries can stir up some unsettling emotions such as frustration or restlessness. This is not the best time for confrontations or vulnerable discussions about relationship issues, as it can be difficult to remain levelheaded. Instead, try to be active with this energy by trying a new workout class, deep cleaning your space, or even just having a dance party in your room to some angry music! It’s important to let this energy out, as long as it is not at the expense of those around you!

Crystals for the Libra this Libra Season

Charismatic, diplomatic, and romantic – Libras are known to have wonderful people skills and be social butterflies. Libras have a desire to please, so they are likely to say ‘yes’ to more obligations and responsibilities than they can handle. Libras are attentive and compassionate listeners, always ready to see all sides of a situation and offer solutions for any dilemma.

Libra New Moon 9/25/2022

Are you making as much time for taking care of yourself as you are for taking care of others? Check in on these habits and make it a priority to reach a place of equilibrium with the help of Libra!The Libra moon will also assist you when you then communicate any changes you plan to make in order to maintain balance to those affected!

Autumnal Equinox – Crystals, Rituals, and more!

The Autumnal Equinox falls on September 22. This is one of two days of the year when the day and the night are in perfect equilibrium.  Historically, this is a time to ramp up preparation for the winter, while expressing gratitude for the bounties of the summer month. This is also a time to – as the trees shed their leaves – shed any energies, habits, or relationships that are no longer serving us.

a full moon on a dusty blue background with the pisces constellation

Pisces Full Moon 9/10/2022

A full moon in Pisces is both a time of social energy and a time of vulnerability. Use this opportunity to deepen relationships with friends or loved ones. The energy of the full moon will help make emotional conversations a bit less exhausting, allowing us to dig even deeper, while Pisces’ influence allows us to open our hearts and speak our truths.

a glowy gold background with the words "mindfulness day september 12 crystals for mindfulness"

Crystals for Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of tuning into the present moment – taking stock of your emotions, physical sensations, surrounding environment, and thought patterns. One of the goals of mindfulness is to observe from a neutral perspective – try not to let judgement or worry creep in, simply acknowledge your surroundings and sensations objectively. 

A taupe, rectangular box labeled "Ritual Kit: Fresh Start" with a dream catcher graphic on the box. The product feature for virgo new moon.

Virgo New Moon 9/10/2022

A new moon in Virgo offers a chance to re-evaluate the priorities in your life, in a stable and organized fashion. It is okay for your priorities, goals, and dreams to change – that’s part of the journey of life – but sometimes acknowledging these changes can be scary or confusing. Grounded and practical Virgo can assist in understanding and embracing these changes, while the new moon offers a perfect jumping-off point for a fresh start and a new era.

Green watercolor background with the virgo sign, an icon of a woman's face, and the virgo constellation. Labeled Virgo.

Crystals for the Virgo This Virgo Season

Hardworking, responsible, analytical, and loyal. Virgos make great students, employees, and friends. Virgos can be perfectionists at times, bursting with ambition and a confidence in their abilities. They are also extremely creative, yet organized, making them effective project managers and charismatic leaders. Virgo is the mutable earth sign, making them adaptable and solution-oriented.

Crystals for Creativity

Even the most creative spirits can run into ‘creator’s block’ from time to time. Meditating with creativity-boosting crystals can help spark new ideas and inspiration. Keep a few of these on hand to keep the creativity flowing, whatever your creative medium is!

Aquarius Full Moon 8/11/2022

An Aquarius full moon is a time to put emotions and feelings aside and take ACTION. The straightforward nature of this sign allows us to clear our heads of the daily noise of outside influence and intimidation and make decisions on our own. Though social and communicative, Aquarius is independent at their core, knowing exactly who they are and what they want. Channel this energy in your decision-making during this time, and prioritize your needs with grace and confidence. 

Crystals for Focus + Productivity

In a summer haze? Finding it hard to focus on work or keep up with projects around the house? Is the fall semester quickly approaching along with the need to kick your brain into high gear? We are here with solutions! We have pulled together a list of our favorite crystals for focus, productivity, clarity, and communication. Keep any of these at your desk, in your pocket, or in your workspace for a boost of productive energy!

Back to School Essentials

Wherever you are in your academic journey, we have plenty of options for getting your mind in zone, and turning your space into a sanctuary. We’ve rounded up our top 10 Shoppe Geo back to school essentials to make sure the upcoming school year starts on the right foot!

Leo New Moon 7/28/2022

While new moons are typically quiet or introspective times, Leo is having none of that! The Leo new moon encourages you to say yes to your hopes, dreams, and desires with a massive boost of confidence and inspiration.

Crystals for your Bestie <3

International Day of Friendship is July 30th. What better time is there to show your bestie your love and appreciation for them with a crystal!? We’ve rounded up some of our go-to crystals for healthy and happy friendships! One of the many uses for moonstone is to boost patience and appreciation throughout the cycles of life. True friendship can be hard work as we navigate the ups and downs of life together, let moonstone support you through it all!

Leo Season: Crystals for the Leo

Proud, ambitious leader – it’s no surprise that Leo is represented by the lion! You will likely find Leo in the center of the group. These confident, social butterflies are charismatic and warm, making friends wherever they go. Oftentimes they can be perceived as arrogant or bossy, but at the end of the day, they achieve their goals, maintain high standards, and practice strong leadership – who can fault them for that!? Leo is the fixed fire sign, which emphasizes their unwavering determination in getting what they want. This also makes them a loyal and passionate friend and partner, always ready to fight for the people they love.

Capricorn Full Moon 7/13/2022

The final full moon before the Summer Solstice, this is a powerful time to check in with your goals from the beginning of the year, and manifest your success for the remaining months. The energy of grounded yet ambitious Capricorn will assist in mapping out a game plan for achieving your goals and lighting a fire to move towards them.

Crystals for Accessing Your Higher Self

In its most basic sense, your Higher Self is the best, most unaffected and undiluted version of your being. Your Higher Self is above ego, calm in the face of conflict, and free of earthly worries and baggage. Your Higher Self is innately in tune with the community of the universe, and able to tap into this knowledge through intuition and dreams. Typically, crystals with higher/faster vibrations are most effective for accessing your higher self, boosting intuition, and recalling and interpreting dreams. Meditate while holding these crystals, keep them next to your bed at night for dream insight, or balance them on your third eye chakra to open your mind.

Cancer New Moon 6/28/2022

The new moon in Cancer invites us to bravely wear our heart on our sleeve for the day, being open and vulnerable about the tools we need and actions we need to take in order to prioritize our own wellness. Be a leader within your relationships, offering your loved ones the opportunity to seek wellness together. Plan a self-care day with your bestie, go on a walk with your partner, invite a sibling for dinner. Find wellbeing within community, and spread the good vibes.

Cancer Season: Crystals for the Cancer

Cancers are intuitive, empathetic, loyal, and creative. These traits make them a wonderful friend and partner, if a bit sensitive. Cancers are known for wearing their hearts on their sleeves – a sign of authenticity and courage in the face of vulnerability. Cancer is the cardinal water sign, meaning it is a powerful visionary, never afraid to take action on their needs or dreams. They prioritize wellness in their lives and the lives of their loved ones, and will go out of their way to ensure the needs of those around them are satisfied.

Sagittarius Full Moon 6/14/2022

A Sagittarius full moon is a powerful time to spend time with your higher self. Emotional and intuitive Sagittarius is always ready to explore their feelings, so let them guide your way through your own.

Gemini New Moon 5/29/2022

A new moon in open-minded Gemini is the perfect time to push yourself out of your comfort zone – even for just a day. See if you can use this day as a catalyst to propel you into a new season of expanded horizons and new opportunities – that’s what summer is for, isn’t it?

Gemini Season: Crystals for the Gemini

Gemini tends to get an unwarranted bad rap – and we’re here to set the record straight! Gemini is one of the most charismatic signs of the zodiac – always ready to socialize with old friends and new, quick to plan a spontaneous adventure, and known for their engaging conversation. Their enjoyment of new experiences and people is what often gets them the reputation of being flighty or unreliable, always being excited and ready to jump to the next best thing – but this can also be viewed as adaptability and curiosity!

Scorpio Full Moon 5/16/2022

Any full moon is a time of illumination, of bringing darkness to the shadows to uncover the hidden. The honesty and courage of Scorpio makes this a powerful time to face any baggage or buried emotional damage in order to heal your heart and mind. 

Crystals for your Divine Feminine

Whether you celebrate Mother’s Day in a traditional sense or not, this can still be a powerful time to get in touch with the Divine Feminine. At it’s core, the Divine Feminine is simply the feminine energy that flows through the universe, manifesting in the cycles of nature (seasons, the moon, the tides), appreciation for beauty and creativity, and attention to emotions and intuition. Everyone holds the Divine Feminine within them and has the ability to tap into it and foster it on a personal level.

Taurus New Moon 4/30/2022

We close out the month of April with a new moon in Taurus. Taurus prioritizes self-care, even if it takes work. Self-care isn’t always relaxing, sometimes it requires dragging yourself out of bed to take that walk you don’t feel like. Sometimes it’s making that call you’ve been avoiding. Sometimes it’s purging your closet of clothes that no longer serve you.

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