In its most basic sense, your Higher Self is the best, most unaffected and undiluted version of your being. Your Higher Self is above ego, calm in the face of conflict, and free of earthly worries and baggage. Your Higher Self is innately in tune with the community of the universe, and able to tap into this knowledge through intuition and dreams.

Typically, crystals with higher/faster vibrations are most effective for accessing your higher self, boosting intuition, and recalling and interpreting dreams. Meditate while holding these crystals, keep them next to your bed at night for dream insight, or balance them on your third eye chakra to open your mind.

Crystals to Access your higher self:


reveals truths + enhances intuition; increases self-esteem + goal-setting


enhances memory recall + balances nervous systems

lapis lazuli

heightens self-awareness + connection to the stars; increases insight and organization; unlocks awareness of esoteric knowledge and higher wisdom


assists in familial healing + communication; increases intuitive perception + offers higher perspectives


 enhances moon magic, stimulates creativity, boosts balance and intuition


connects with earth energy + the divine feminine; assists in clear communication + access to higher-self wisdom

xiuyan jade

supports dream insight + path to achieving desires


assists in revealing destiny + clears auras; assists in meditation and accessing higher wisdom; connects to luna and stellar energy

red jasper

promotes health + responsibility; increases awareness of inner magic + enhances dream recall


increases self-awareness + flexibility; enhances moon magic + connection to higher realms

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