The Face As A Canvas: Crystalline Facial Grids

About Crystal Grids:

  • As within, so without: energy is everything. The crystalline structure of the physical body responds positively to the energetic vibrations of crystals. 
  • Crystal grids connect the power of sacred geometry and pure crystalline energy with the body, mind, and soul.
  • One can experience refreshing results through the power of intention and activation.
  • By placing crystals in specific areas on the head and neck, you are activating an ethereal energetic map that affects your entire system.
  • The slight pressure of the crystals on the body activates the nervous system (acupressure), allowing for greater circulation and alignment.
  • This, combined with the inherent energetic properties of crystals, sends codes of healing, alignment, detoxification, and ease throughout the whole of your being.
  • Within and around the physical body, there are chakras connected by meridians, that allow for the constant flow of qi. 
  • Becoming aware of these subtle aspects of the self allows for harmony and healing to occur multidimensionally.

PURE Crystalline Facial Grid by Shoppe Geo:

  • PURE Crystalline Facial Grid blends the practice of acupressure massage with the sacred geometry of crystal grids.
  • This combines a potent, yet gentle interplay of sacred geometry and acupressure points along the nerve meridians of the face and neck.
  • When used with intention, they can clear discordant energy, repair energetic disconnections, and soothe all systems of the body.
  • This product includes three suggested grid layouts and intentions: Energetic Detoxification, Meditative Bliss, and Divine Illumination.