Cleansing Herb Bundles: A Sacred Ancient Practice

Cleansing herb bundles offer a way to engage in a sacred ancient practice with respect and intention. Energy cleansing with herb bundles has been practiced throughout history, remaining popular throughout the contemporary wellness lifestyle movement. Cleansing energy by dried herbs combines air and fire elements with natural herbal properties. Each variety of dried herb we offer is curated for this collection based on its healing and cleansing properties.

It is important to approach herbal cleansing with cultural acknowledgement and appreciation – we encourage users to be present and connected to the mind and body while using these bundles with heartfelt intention.

Guide To Cleansing Ceremonies

  • Be Present:  Connect your mind and body. Ignite one tip of the herb bundle over a fireproof vessel. Gently blow out the flame, so it is smoldering.
  • Wave the herb bundle around your body. Follow your aura, the energetic field about 6”-12” away from your physical body. Direct additional smoke to chakras that feel energetically heavy or disrupted.
  • Walk around your space. Use the 4 directions as a guide: north, east, south, west. Use a feather or gentle breath to waft smoke into corners of the space.
  • Circulate air in your space. Take a few deep breaths and open a door or window to release stale energy attached to smoke.

A Note On Safety:

  • Dried herbs are highly combustible. Do not use near other combustible objects.
  • Never leave a burning herb bundle unattended.
  • Always use with caution, especially around children and animals.
  • Always place herb bundle over a fireproof surface to ignite and while in use.
  • Extinguish herb bundle by grinding it into the base of a fireproof vessel filled with sand.
  • Do not store herb bundle in its box directly after use. Let herb bundle cool completely before removing from its fireproof vessel.