Moon Magic

Full moon rituals are rooted in bright cleansing energy, intention setting, and Divine Feminine connection. The full moon is an opportunity to release energy that no longer serves you – as the moon begins to wane, so will whatever you made the intention to release. Preparing for this release the week of the full moon is an effective way to make the most of this time. There are many ways to interact with the full moon – journaling, meditating, charging your crystals in the moonlight, and more! However one chooses to observe the full moon, this is a powerful time to tap into the inner goddess archetype.

The full moon is a time of renewal, release, and empowerment.

While the full moon is a time of renewal, release, and empowerment, the new moon has its own benefits for celebration. The new moon offers a quiet moment to reflect on your current state of being. As you take stock of your mental, emotional, and physical state, the new moon is an empowering time to make new plans and manifestations in order to create the habits and experiences you desire to have in your life. The full moon is time to release, while the new moon is time to reclaim.

Lunar Goddess + The Divine Feminine

Lunar Goddess: 7 Days of Full Moon Magic is an interactive countdown- style boxed crystal collection for celebrating the full moon. Featuring 7 tabs that reveal moon-themed rituals, crystals, and their properties, users should open one tab per day in the week of the full moon, opening the final tab on the night of the full moon. Cosmic imagery on the inner cover assists in meditation, connecting to the Divine Feminine archetype, and manifestation. This collection includes a unique curation of rough and polished moon-related crystals: moonstone, blue calcite, sodalite, clear quartz, shungite, white opal, and peach selenite.

At its core, the Divine Feminine is simply the feminine energy that flows through the universe, manifesting in the cycles of nature (seasons, the moon, the tides), appreciation for beauty and creativity, and attention to emotions and intuition. Everyone holds the Divine Feminine within them and has the ability to tap into it and foster it on a personal level.