The Spring, or Vernal Equinox. A day of balance, dualities, and renewal. On this day, there are equal parts light and dark, day and night. This is a time to take stock of the dualities of the universe and how they affect your life. Explore both the masculine and feminine sides of yourself. Ask yourself how the above (the cosmos or your higher self) influences below (your corporeal body and conscious mind).

Journal Prompts for The Spring Equinox

What are 3 sections of your life that could use a spring cleaning or rejuvenation (could be physical, mental, spiritual, etc.)

Make a list of the things you most want to accomplish in the coming season of warmth and growth

Sit outside, make a list of all the signs of spring you can find.

Write about the dualities within yourself – your “masculine” vs. “feminine” qualities, things that make you feel mature vs. young, qualities you are proud of vs. places you see room for improvement, etc.

What are the ways you showed yourself care or growth throughout the winter, and how do you plan to continue this into the spring season?

Crystals for Balance and Equanimity

Moss agate: enhances personal power + offers stability.

Gray lace agate: brings the courage to walk in both light and shadow + radiates grace.

Lepidolite: encourages honesty + calmness; assists in restructuring habitual patterns + transformation.

Tiger Eye: fosters grounded optimism + practicality; increases awareness and balances the hemispheres of the brain.

Optical Calcite: enhances communication + mental clarity, allowing one to clearly see the root of an issue

Cleanse your sanctuary and aura with one of our cleanse kits:

Use the ancient practices of smudging and crystal healing to remove heavy energy and set positive intentions. Burn sage and circulate the energy through the air with a feather. Follow this practice by setting intentions and using the energetic vibrations of crystals to maintain a clear, grounded, and protected sanctuary. Please use caution when burning the sage smudge stick and refer to instruction card for proper handling.

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