a full moon on a dusty blue background with the pisces constellation

the energy to dig deep

A full moon in Pisces is both a time of social energy and a time of vulnerability. Use this opportunity to deepen relationships with friends or loved ones. 

The energy of the full moon will help make emotional conversations a bit less exhausting, allowing us to dig even deeper, while Pisces’ influence allows us to open our hearts and speak our truths.

You may learn important things about yourself and your relationships during this time, so perhaps plan a time of self care and introspection for the following week!

mantras for a pisces full moon

I value the positive relationships in my life

I have the ability to communicate my needs and concerns

I have the ability to communicate my love and appreciation

I do not shy away in the face of vulnerability

I listen, I understand, I respect

full moon product spotlight:

With clear quartz to boost and cleanse energy and rose quartz to enhance love and communication, the Love Wall Hanging is basically a Pisces Full Moon for your wall! 

– Approximately 28″ Long
– Stones are 1.5″ to 2.5″ Long On Average

Content + Care:
– Hardware color: Gold
– Each stone is one of a kind
– To clean: unhang and use a damp cloth to gently wipe each stone
– Features genuine wood hoop for hanging
– Held together with metal chain
– Intended for indoor use

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