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Cancer Season: Crystals for the Cancer

Cancers are intuitive, empathetic, loyal, and creative. These traits make them a wonderful friend and partner, if a bit sensitive. Cancers are known for wearing their hearts on their sleeves – a sign of authenticity and courage in the face of vulnerability. Cancer is the cardinal water sign, meaning it is a powerful visionary, never afraid to take action on their needs or dreams. They prioritize wellness in their lives and the lives of their loved ones, and will go out of their way to ensure the needs of those around them are satisfied.

Sagittarius Full Moon 6/14/2022

A Sagittarius full moon is a powerful time to spend time with your higher self. Emotional and intuitive Sagittarius is always ready to explore their feelings, so let them guide your way through your own.

Gemini New Moon 5/29/2022

A new moon in open-minded Gemini is the perfect time to push yourself out of your comfort zone – even for just a day. See if you can use this day as a catalyst to propel you into a new season of expanded horizons and new opportunities – that’s what summer is for, isn’t it?

Gemini Season: Crystals for the Gemini

Gemini tends to get an unwarranted bad rap – and we’re here to set the record straight! Gemini is one of the most charismatic signs of the zodiac – always ready to socialize with old friends and new, quick to plan a spontaneous adventure, and known for their engaging conversation. Their enjoyment of new experiences and people is what often gets them the reputation of being flighty or unreliable, always being excited and ready to jump to the next best thing – but this can also be viewed as adaptability and curiosity!

Scorpio Full Moon 5/16/2022

Any full moon is a time of illumination, of bringing darkness to the shadows to uncover the hidden. The honesty and courage of Scorpio makes this a powerful time to face any baggage or buried emotional damage in order to heal your heart and mind. 

Crystals for your Divine Feminine

Whether you celebrate Mother’s Day in a traditional sense or not, this can still be a powerful time to get in touch with the Divine Feminine. At it’s core, the Divine Feminine is simply the feminine energy that flows through the universe, manifesting in the cycles of nature (seasons, the moon, the tides), appreciation for beauty and creativity, and attention to emotions and intuition. Everyone holds the Divine Feminine within them and has the ability to tap into it and foster it on a personal level.

Taurus New Moon 4/30/2022

We close out the month of April with a new moon in Taurus. Taurus prioritizes self-care, even if it takes work. Self-care isn’t always relaxing, sometimes it requires dragging yourself out of bed to take that walk you don’t feel like. Sometimes it’s making that call you’ve been avoiding. Sometimes it’s purging your closet of clothes that no longer serve you.

How to Create a Crystal Grid

Before creating each crystal grid, prepare yourself and your space to allow energy to flow smoothly within and around you. Take a few deep breaths, holding a grounding or cleansing crystal (onyx, obsidian, agate, smoky quartz, clear quartz, blue kyanite, etc.), and close your eyes. Imagine a cord or roots connecting your root chakra and feet to the center of the Earth. Use this pause to feel gratitude for the present moment. Sense your breath, heartbeat, and energy flowing through your body.

Taurus Season: Crystals for the Taurus

Ambitious, proud, and clear-headed, Taurus is a force to be reckoned with. While they get the reputation of being stubborn, what this really comes down to is perseverance and patience – once a Taurus sets their mind to something, they will put in the time achieve it. Taurus is a fixed Earth sign, making it perhaps the most grounded sign in the zodiac. Tauruses are doers, bringing ideas to life, hands-on. As this sign is ruled by Venus, they are drawn to beautiful and exciting things, always ready for the next creative endeavor.

Libra Full Moon 4/16/2022

As the moon moves into diplomatic and charismatic Libra, we will likely feel a need to seek harmony in our relationships, pacifying old qualms and soothing current disputes. Though you may feel a need to “people please” during this time, be sure to remind yourself your worth and maintain your standards in every interaction.

Give Your Energy a Spring Cleaning

As we journey further from winter and into the warmer months, many people are taking this time to do some spring cleaning – organizing their space, donating items that no longer serve them, scrubbing down dark and forgotten corners. This is a fantastic way to refresh and reset as we enter a new season of our lives. Don’t you think your energy deserves the same treatment? We’ve compiled some of our favorite ways to cleanse our energy!

How to use your Crystal Pendulum

Pendulums are used for dowsing + divination – mystical practices in which one asks the universe for divine guidance through the movement of the pendulum. Pendulums tap into the energetic connection between you, the Earth, and the Cosmos. Don’t be surprised if when you set out to purchase a pendulum, it feels like the pendulum chooses you rather than you choosing it. If you find yourself drawn to a specific crystal, color, or intention – that’s the pendulum for you. Don’t give yourself the space to overthink or be indecisive. The pendulum will speak to you.

Aries New Moon 4/1/2022

An Aries new moon is the perfect time to channel the energy confident and ambitious Aries into new projects or endeavors. Using this energy as a catalyst when venturing into a new undertaking will influence your energy and actions throughout the entire journey. In other words, if you’ve been waiting for any kind of sign – THIS. IS. IT. 

A Beginner’s Guide to Chakra Health

Throughout the body there are 7 common energy centers of the self. These energies radiate light in a spiral direction, and are associated with physical, mental, emotional, and cosmic aspects of yourself.  Over the course of your life, chakras can become energetically blocked, partially closed, or open too wide. This can cause imbalances and disharmony in you physical, emotional, mental, and etheric bodies. 

Aries Season: Crystals for the Aries

Aries are known as perhaps the most fiery of the fire signs – bursting with ambition, independence, and  confidence.  While these traits propel them into success and fulfilment, Aries can be quick to jealousy and it is often hard for them to express happiness for the success of their peers.
They are passionate in relationships and never do anything halfway. If you are looking for invigorating and inspiring conversation – find an Aries!

Virgo Full Moon 3/18/2022

The Virgo full moon lights a fire of productivity and transformation here on Earth, boosting our need for order and organization. Use this time of inspiration and energy to knock out some spring cleaning. Take stock of your possessions and make a goal to sell or donate the items that no longer serve you.

Meditation Stones 101: A deeper look at our curated crystal collection

Meditating is a historically tried and true method for achieving inner peace – even just for a few minutes. The main goal when meditating should be to gain awareness for the present moment in time, clearing the mind of all else. This is, of course, far easier said than done – but no pressure! Taking a simple, quiet moment to yourself to focus on your breathing is a fantastic start already.Our Meditation Stones is a boxed crystal collection that includes 7 genuine crystals, and a guide to the metaphysical properties of each crystal and hand mudras (or hand postures) to use when meditating.

Pisces New Moon 3/2/2022

A new moon in Pisces is a highly emotional and sensitive time. Your empathetic awareness will be heightened, causing you to absorb the energies of the people surrounding you more than usual. This time could overwhelm you with feelings of insecurity or hyper-sensitivity. Be careful not to jump to conclusions or misconstrue communications in your relationships due to this deluge of energies.

A Beginner’s Guide to Manifesting

You don’t have to know an exact physical item, person, place, etc. to bring forth when you practice manifestation. Simply align with the energy of how you want to feel and let the universal forces fill in the details. Set positive intentions and follow through with conscious action steps to release what holds you back from living your best dream life. Align with abundance consciousness by being grateful for all you experience in life. Harness your innate power by understanding that your mind constructs reality out of illusion: Your life is a dream, and you are an active creator.

Pisces Season: Crystals for the Pisces

Pisces are sensitive and intuitive, valuing genuine connection in all their relationships. This makes them wonderful friends – if you make the cut into their inner circle! Their creativity and romanticism causes them to see the world as a constant source inspiration – while this can be a beautiful thing, it can also lead them to be easily overwhelmed by a fear that they won’t reach their potential or achieve fulfilment.  

Leo Full Moon 2/16/2022

A Leo full moon is a time for energy and socialization – take the leap into your main character era and open a new chapter in your life! It can be difficult sometimes to find a balance between confidence and humility. Reflect with yourself on how to embody quiet confidence – one of the most powerful states of being.

Crystals for Self-Love

Carnelian – 1) Increases confidence and assertiveness 2) Turns inspiration to productivity, lighting a fire to achieve goals 3) Assists in working through fear and sadness … the trifecta of self-love and care!

Aquarius New Moon 2/1/2022

The Aquarius new moon will boost your charisma and social energy, which might feel like a bit of a shock during the winter season! Use this newfound energy as a catalyst for starting new projects, breaking old habits, or strengthening relationships. This is a prime time to reconnect with friends or loved ones as we begin to move out of the long, lonely winter months.

Crystals that Should Avoid Water

While many crystal cleansing rituals involve soaking crystals in water, it is important to know exactly which crystals are not water friendly – for the health of both your crystal collection and you! Some crystals are okay to get wet, as long as it’s not for an extended period of time, while others should not come into contact with water at all, based on their hardness level.

Aquarius Season: Crystals for the Aquarius

It’s hard to dislike an Aquarian; they are known for being charming and sociable, always excited to meet someone new, or learn something new! Aquarians are a fixed air sign – they are level-headed and independent, often with a priority of improving the world around them. Their independence and confidence can occasionally come across as stubbornness, but at the end of the day, this is what makes them loyal and exciting people to keep around!

Cancer Full Moon 1/17/2022

A Cancer full moon puts an emphasis on emotions and relationships. You may feel extra sentimental about your friends and family, or even extra lonely if you feel you are lacking in this area. Keep rose quartz with you to boost love for yourself and for those around you!
Use this time to have genuine conversations with your loved ones about what they mean to you. This might make you feel more vulnerable than you are used to or comfortable with, but you will likely feel more fulfilled when all is said and done.

Crystals for a Drama-Free Mercury in Retrograde

When the planet of communication appears to reverse its rotation – as above, so below – things can start to feel a bit out of balance here on Earth.
Miscommunications abound during these periods – avoid jumping to conclusions or making rash decisions. The best way to glide through these seemingly chaotic times, is to prioritize forgiveness and communication for yourself and for the people you interact with.

Self-Care Rituals for Winter

Finish your evening by writing down everything you are grateful for that happened during that day. During stressful OR monotonous times, this is a wonderful way to keep yourself grounded and your life in perspective. Even on a day when life is feeling bleak or stagnant, it is helpful to focus on the small gifts of the universe – was your coffee the perfect temperature on the first sip? A load of laundry was finished without any stray socks? You found your missing Chapstick in your other coat pocket? Keep track of the little joys. They add up.

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