The summer solstice is almost here and we want to make sure this summer lives up to its fullest potential for everyone in our #crystalfam! You deserve to feel your best, brightest, and most confident all summer long (well, all year long, but summer is a great place to start!) We have put together our top 10 (actually top 11, it was too hard to narrow it down!) crystals for THRIVING during this summer season:

crystals for living your best life:


Brings tranquility + prosperity; sparks metamorphosis + strength.


Increases confidence + assertiveness; turns inspiration to productivity, lighting a fire to achieve goals.

Xiuyan jade

Supports dream insight + clears path to achieving desires.

Emerald quartz

Strengthens love + compassion; clears mental + emotional patterns; inspires creativity and abundance.


Brings forth creativity + eases mental distractions; reveals hidden truths and promotes acceptance.

Green aventurine

Encourages optimism + acceptance; increases confidence + good humor


Encourages optimism + confidence; fosters clarity + intuition.

Blue kyanite

Strengthens communication skills + increases energy; clears and aligns all chakras.

Rose quartz

Encourages self-love + compassion; brings an essence of peace + gentleness.


Reveals truths + enhances intuition, increases self-esteem + goal-setting.

Black tourmaline

Grounds the mind + encourages well-being; deflects heavy energy.

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