Whether you celebrate Mother’s Day in a traditional sense or not, this can still be a powerful time to get in touch with the Divine Feminine. At it’s core, the Divine Feminine is simply the feminine energy that flows through the universe, manifesting in the cycles of nature (seasons, the moon, the tides), appreciation for beauty and creativity, and attention to emotions and intuition. Everyone holds the Divine Feminine within them and has the ability to tap into it and foster it on a personal level.

We have put together a list of crystals to foster the Divine Feminine in your life and spirit:

Rose quartz:

perhaps the most traditionally feminine of the crystals, rose quartz encourages self-love and compassion, bringing an essence of peace and gentleness – qualities classically considered to be feminine and motherly.


named for the moon goddess Selene, selenite increases self-awareness and flexibility, enhancing moon magic and connection to higher realms. Nothing is quite as “divine” as tapping into your inner goddess.


also known for enhancing connection to lunar and stellar energy, labradorite assists in meditation and accessing higher wisdom, helpful in revealing your destiny and manifesting your dreams.


like the moon balances the tides, amazonite balances energy, encouraging harmony and compassion. It can also be useful for revealing inner truths and desires.


an incredibly nurturing crystal, rhodonite assists in letting go of the past and gently healing the heart. It also encourages generosity and attention to detail.


a transformational crystal, amethyst is known to spark metamorphosis and a quiet strength.  It also fosters tranquility and restfulness, allowing your body and spirit time to nurture itself.


this crystal could be viewed as the summation of the aforementioned crystals. Moonstone enhances moon magic, stimulates creativity, enhances balance and intuition, and encourages patience and appreciation throughout the cycles of life – the ultimate encapsulation of the Divine Feminine.

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