leading with an open heart

The new moon in Cancer invites us to bravely wear our heart on our sleeve for the day, being open and vulnerable about the tools we need and actions we need to take in order to prioritize our own wellness. 

Be a leader within your relationships, offering your loved ones the opportunity to seek wellness together. Plan a self-care day with your bestie, go on a walk with your partner, invite a sibling for dinner. Find wellbeing within community, and spread the good vibes.

mantras for a cancer new moon

I am an open-hearted being.

I find strength in vulnerability.

I make time for myself and my needs.

I find strength in community.

I spread love.

I am love.

new moon product spotlight:

Crystalline Wall Banner

The Crystalline Wall Banner is complete with 11 rough crystals – rose quartz, smoky quartz, clear quartz, and amethyst – this makes a bold and beautiful addition to your home. This combination of crystals was curated to enhance feelings of calm, clarity, love, and healing – the perfect combination for a Cancer new moon!

Product features:
– 4 rough 1” – 2” clear quartz pieces
– 4 rough 1” – 2” rose quartz pieces
– 2 rough 1” – 2” amethyst pieces
– 1 rough 1” – 2” smoky quartz piece
– sleek gold metal chain
– 2 gold rings for mounting
– made in Brazil

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