The summer solstice is the longest day and shortest night of the year. At this time the Earth is in her freshest and most fertile state. This turning point of the year has been celebrated for centuries, as people have shown their gratitude for the Earth, and recognized their personal achievements and capacity for growth. Below you will find some easy summer solstice rituals, crystals to use during this time, and mantras for personal growth.

summer solstice rituals:

Have a bonfire and symbolically burn the things that no longer serve you by writing them on a slip of paper to throw into the fire.

Stay up to watch the sunrise to fully experience the shortest night of the year.

Spend time with nature – hiking, gardening, sunbathing – embrace your appreciation for the Earth during her peak.

Cleanse your home and self through smudging.

Make a list of your goals for the second half of the year and manifest their achievement.

5 Crystals for Personal Growth:

Green aventurine is a booster of optimism and confidence, encouraging good energy towards fulfilled potential.

Carnelian takes inspiration and turns it into productivity, acting as a catalyst for completing projects and achieving goals.

Citrine is so packed full of positivity that it is often called the Sunshine Stone! It is best for encouraging optimism, confidence, and an overall positive attitude.  

Xiuyan Jade is the perfect crystal for the dreamer. It is known to clear the path to achieving your deepest dreams and desires.

Sodalite is a fantastic self-esteem booster, offering the personal power to chase big goals.

5 Crystals for vitality + strength

Smoky quartz is extremely grounding, allowing its user to draw strength from the Earth.

Obsidian guides healthy decision-making, while offering protection from negative energy.

Agate enhances precision and stability, allowing one to maintain a straight path towards their goals.

Moss agate enhances personal power, making one strong from the inside, out.

Gypsum promotes sustainability and prosperity, encouraging a long and comfortable life.

Crystals for connecting with the sun



Tiger eye

Red Jasper

Orange Calcite

Mantras for Personal Growth during the summer solstice