Which crystal Found you?

Mystery Crystals allow the universe to speak to YOU and offer the kind of crystal energy you need in your life! Five potential crystals are waiting to find you and bring you bright energy: sodalite, rose quartz, tiger eye, amethyst, and clear quartz.

  • Clear quartz – be guided by wisdom. Clear quartz helps to clear the mind of stress or confusion and open it up to inner clarity and the wisdom of the universe.
  • Sodalite – find balance. Sodalite can help you find the best of both worlds! Whether you’re trying to balance time between extracurriculars and school or work and friends, sodalite can help find the best balance of all parts of your life.
  • Rose quartz – feel the love. Self-love, romantic love, family love, bestie love – rose quartz boosts it all! Open your heart to strengthened relationships, deeper conversations, and bigger hugs!
  • Amethyst – invite peace. Amethyst is here for those days when it all just feels like too much – too much school, too much work, too much drama, too much stress. Take a breath and take a break and let amethyst help muffle the noise.
  • Tiger eye – embrace creativity. Tiger eye gets the inspiration flowing – whichever way you express yourself best! Whether your creative outlet is art, music, writing, dance, or something totally different – tiger eye is here to boost your talents. Maybe you will even discover a new talent with tiger eye in your pocket!

Ways to use your crystal

Ask it questions: Did I choose the right major? Is this friend group bringing out my best self? Is my crush worth my time and energy? Ask your question then take a quiet few minutes of meditation with the crystal and see what the universe tells you!

Keep it in your pocket: Carry the crystal with you as a way to tap into the energy whenever you need it most. The weight of the crystal is a gentle and steady reminder that the universe is with you, supporting you with bright and positive energy – all you have to do is tune in!

Use it for grounding or soothing: When you have a stressful day and need to take a moment to breathe and regroup – your crystal is here to help! Hold the crystal in your hand, close your eyes, and focus on the coolness on your skin. This small act of mindfulness can help reset your nervous system and give you a new sense of peace and confidence whenever you need it.

What does it mean if the same crystal chooses you Again

If the same crystal chooses you more than once, that simply means that you are in need of an abundance of the energy that type of crystal brings – extra wisdom, extra balance, extra love, extra peace, extra creativity! It could also mean that you are meant to offer one of the crystals to a friend or loved one in need of the energy – is there anyone that comes to mind who could use a boost? 

Why Collect all 5?

Each crystal brings its own unique blend of properties and energy. Different days, moods, and situations may require the support of different crystals. When you have a full assortment of crystal types, you have a full set of crystal friends ready and waiting to support all of your needs!