What is an Aura?

In the simplest of terms, your aura is the energy that flows out and around your physical body. Everyone has a unique aura, and everyone’s aura is constantly changing and shifting. The color of your aura is affected by the state of your emotional, physical, and spiritual self. Each different aura color signifies different qualities or personality traits. The color of your aura at any given moment reflects the traits that are most present in your personality in the current moment. If you want to radiate more of a certain color, you can reset your aura with a few easy steps. Click below to take our quiz to find out your current aura color!

How to Reset Your Aura With Aura Crystals

The color of your aura is always shifting day by day – even hour by hour! If you’ve explored the colors of the Aura Color Chart and there are certain colors and qualities that you want to see more of in yourself, you can use crystals to do a personal Aura Reset Practice with a few easy steps:

  1. Find a comfortable and quiet place and lay out your Aura Crystals. Begin the process with the egg-shaped snowflake obsidian crystal – the shape of this crystal helps to pinpoint which parts of your aura may need a reset or refresh.
  2. Take a few full breaths in and out. Hold the snowflake obsidian between your thumb and fingers at a comfortable distance from your body. Start at top of your head and move the crystal downward, “scanning” your aura as you go. Notice along the way if you feel any spots that are lacking energy or feel a sensation of cold – this is where you may need the help of the aura crystals!
  3. Refer to the Aura Crystal Guide to choose the crystal from your Aura Crystals that corresponds with the aura color you want to enhance.
  4. Take a few full breaths in and out to re-center. Hold the crystal of your choosing between your thumb and fingers and scan your aura again from top to bottom, focusing on the spots you noticed while working with the Snowflake Obsidian.
  5. Close your eyes and hold crystal near your heart. Manifest the energies and colors you desire, and release those that you’re ready to let go of.
  6. Feel your aura refreshed and amplified – embrace the brightest, most colorful version of yourself!