Meditating is a historically tried and true method for achieving inner peace – even just for a few minutes. The main goal when meditating should be to gain awareness for the present moment in time, clearing the mind of all else. This is, of course, far easier said than done – but no pressure! Taking a simple, quiet moment to yourself to focus on your breathing is a fantastic start already.

Our Meditation Stones is a boxed crystal collection that includes 7 genuine crystals, and a guide to the metaphysical properties of each crystal and hand mudras (or hand postures) to use when meditating.

The Meditation Stones:

Rose quartz encourages self-love and compassion. It is also a calming crystal, bringing an essence of peace and gentleness. This is the perfect start to quieting your mind and body to begin your meditation, and to be patient with yourself throughout.

Fluorite provides clarity and emotional well-being, but perhaps even more useful during meditation is fluorites enhancement of focus.  Use this to help focus on your breathing, your mantras, and finding a quiet, peaceful place within your own mind.

Blue calcite activates all chakras, ensuring the entirety of your energy is present and focused on your meditation practice.  It also encourages creativity and expression, allowing you to be in touch with the truest and freest version of yourself.

Yellow jade aids in dream interpretation and harmony. Allow your conscious mind to harmonize with your subconscious so that you can best listen to your higher self when decision making and dream chasing.

Sandstone is a fantastic stone for easing mental distractions – a crucial part of meditation. It is also known to reveal hidden truths and promote acceptance, so it can assist in coming to terms with any surprising thoughts or feelings that may bubble up during this quiet time with yourself.

Carnelian awakens feelings of connectedness. Use this to get in touch with not only your higher self, but the whole of the energies of the cosmos that are supporting and grounding you. Carnelian also assists in working through fear and sadness, which can often bubble up during moments of meditation, whether you are expecting them or not.

Selenite increases self-awareness, assisting in looking inward for peace and answers. It also enhances moon magic and connection to higher realms, bringing your meditation practice to the next spiritual level.

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