On May 10th, Mercury retrogrades for its second of four times in 2022, and will remain in retrograde until June 3rd.

When the planet of communication appears to reverse its rotation – as above, so below – things can start to feel a bit out of balance here on Earth.

Miscommunications abound during these periods – avoid jumping to conclusions or making rash decisions. Be prepared for uncooperative technology and heightened emotions – in the digital age, this can be such a frustrating combination.

The best way to glide through these seemingly chaotic times, is to prioritize forgiveness and communication for yourself and for the people you interact with.

We have compiled a list of the best crystals for making your way through this season as drama-free as possible!

Clear Quartz:

amplifies + directs the flow of energy; “the master healer”

Tiger Eye:

fosters grounded optimism + practicality; increases awareness and balances the hemispheres of the brain


purifies energy + reveals truths; enhances focus + productivity

Optical Calcite:

enhances communication + mental clarity, allowing one to clearly see the root of an issue; clears blocked energy 

Black Onyx:

enhances wisdom + grounds unsettled energy

Blue Kyanite:

strengthens communication skills + increases energy; clears and aligns all chakras

Smoky Quartz:

encourages grounding + protection; enhances spirituality and community connection


connects with earth energy + the divine feminine; assists in clear communication + access to higher self-wisdom