maintaining levelheadedness

A full moon in Aries can stir up some unsettling emotions such as frustration or restlessness. This is not the best time for confrontations or vulnerable discussions about relationship issues, as it can be difficult to remain levelheaded. Instead, try to be active with this energy by trying a new workout class, deep cleaning your space, or even just having a dance party in your room to some angry music! It’s important to let this energy out, as long as it is not at the expense of those around you!

mantras for an aries full moon

I am calm in the face of discomfort

I use my energy in a productive manner

I am grounded and levelheaded

I dance it out when I am able

I am grateful to experience the full breadth of human emotions

full moon product spotlight

CALM Mini Stone Pack

The phrase “chill out” gets a new meaning with our Calm Mini Stone Pack. This pack comes with two different crystals, amethyst and clear quartz, and have been selected to enhance existing calming practices.

Carry these stones with you or place them in a visible area as a reminder to keep calm and carry on! Remembering to take a minute out your daily grind to breathe and relax can have a positive impact on not only your current mood, but you overall health and well-being too!

Stones Included:
– Amethyst Cluster: Relaxes the mind and brings clarity.
– Quartz Point: The master healer and energy transmitter. Known to promote positivity.

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