seeds of nurture

We ring in a new month with an Aquarius new moon!

The Aquarius new moon will boost your charisma and social energy, which might feel like a bit of a shock during the winter season! Use this newfound energy as a catalyst for starting new projects, breaking old habits, or strengthening relationships.

This is a prime time to reconnect with friends or loved ones as we begin to move out of the long, lonely winter months. Start planning a future trip together, a monthly dinner date, or a book club! Plant the seeds to continue to nurture these relationships through the year. 


mantras for an aquarius new moon

I spread love

I accept love

I am love

I am a valued member of my community

I appreciate others while embracing my own perspective

I thrive on the shared energy of the universe

I glisten with soul light

new moon product spotlight:

Mini Energy Set: Compassion + Care​

GREEN AVENTURINE // COMPASSION: Great protector of the heart chakra! Amplifies leadership qualities while balancing all aspects of your physical and spiritual self.

ROSE QUARTZ // CARE: Attracts LOVE in all forms! Gentle vibrations nurture self-love, so compassion may blossom from your heart. A healing balm for all relationships, relieving tension and discord.

Includes: 2 genuine crystals

Crystals: .75”-1”
Green aventurine- polished
Rose quartz- raw

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