heightened awareness

A new moon in Pisces is a highly emotional and sensitive time. Your empathetic awareness will be heightened, causing you to absorb the energies of the people surrounding you more than usual.

This time could overwhelm you with feelings of insecurity or hyper-sensitivity. Be careful not to jump to conclusions or misconstrue communications in your relationships due to this deluge of energies.

This may sound a bit scary, but no worries – it will pass! Be patient and generous with yourself, using this time for some pampering and relaxation.

mantras for a pisces new moon

I am an emotional being and for that I am grateful

I exchange bright energy with the universe

I open my higher self to the higher wisdom of the universe

I am actively flowing through life, riding the waves of my journey

I am patient and empathetic in my communications

I am patient and generous with my body, mind, and soul


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