feeling sentimental

January 17th brings us our first full moon of the year!

A Cancer full moon puts an emphasis on emotions and relationships. You may feel extra sentimental about your friends and family, or even extra lonely if you feel you are lacking in this area. Keep rose quartz with you to boost love for yourself and for those around you!

Use this time to have genuine conversations with your loved ones about what they mean to you. This might make you feel more vulnerable than you are used to or comfortable with, but you will likely feel more fulfilled when all is said and done. 

mantras for a cancer full moon

i am deserving of love

i am open and honest about my feelings

i value the relationships in my life

i am valued by the people in my life

i am made of love and light

i treat myself with compassion and love

i do not fear vulnerability in the name of connection


full moon product spotlight:

Love Wall Hanging

Designed with love, this modern décor piece is the perfect accent to add to any space! Rose quartz, the universal stone of love, complements clear quartz, a universal healing stone, in this gorgeous wall hanging that will help add a little kindness and positivity to your life.

Stones Included:
– Rose Quartz: Opens the heart and restores love and trust.
– Clear Quartz: The master healer and energy transmitter. Know to increase awareness and personal growth.

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