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Crystals for Abundance + Gratitude

As we make our way into the holiday season and towards the end of a year, now is the time to appreciate the abundance around us. We have rounded up our favorite crystals for awakening to the abundance the universe has supplied for us all.

Scorpio New Moon 11/03/2021

Any new moon is a time for renewal and revitalization, but a Scorpio new moon offers the chance to dig deeper. What is holding you back from rebirth? What is standing in your way? Now is the time to search for the answers to these difficult questions and face them down at their root.

Healing Stones 101: A Deeper Look at Our Curated Crystal Collection

Black obsidian is known to offer grounding and protection– both essential properties during the healing journey. Use black obsidian as an anchor while navigating overwhelming emotions or memories. Its grounding properties will always help to bring you back to your truest, most sincere self.

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