manifesting a safe space

Friday brings us a Taurus full moon – giving us a time to manifest and create security and fulfillment ✨

Taurus prioritizes comfort in the form of sanctuary. Use this time to give your personal sanctuary an upgrade and make a plan on how to maintain a sense of security in your life – be that emotional, financial, spiritual, etc. 

As we head into the holiday season, and New Year shortly after, personal sanctuary and security are ever-important

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mantras for a taurus full moon

i release the energy that does not serve me

i am manifesting fulfillment and stability

i express gratitude for my sanctuary

i express gratitude for my security

i am a safe space for myself and for those around me

i welcome calm and bright energy into my life

i create calm and bright energy for myself

full moon product spotlight:

Sanctuary Cleanse Kit

A mini kit to cleanse + reset the energy in your personal sanctuary, sacred space, or entire home. Use the ancient practices of smudging and crystal healing to remove heavy energy and set positive intentions.

How to use:
Burn sage and circulate the energy through the air with a feather. Follow this practice by setting intentions and using the energetic vibrations of crystals to maintain a clear, grounded, and protected sanctuary. Please use caution when burning the sage smudge stick and refer to instruction card for proper handling.

3 crystals: 1”- 1.75” each
–Fluorite (polished)
–Selenite wand (raw)
–Black tourmaline (raw)
–Golden pheasant tail feather (naturally shed): 4”- 6”
–White sage bundle: 4” L x 1.25” W

At Shoppe Geo, we strive to offer ethically and environmentally sound products. We are aware that these natural gifts are extracted from the Earth and we do not take it lightly. We respect all diverse cultural practices and the natural resources used in the creation of this product. We support sustainably sourced materials and offer these natural tools to all who wish to use them wisely. Please use them with intention and respect in your personal practice.

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