Wall hangings are a gorgeous and space-efficient way to keep the crystal magic flowing in your sanctuary at all times. 

A Shoppe Geo fan favorite, each wall hanging style offers a different combination of crystals and properties, allowing you to curate exactly the vibes needed to complete your space. 

Check out our 8 current wall hangings and learn about the ways they can boost the energy of your home:

Agate + Crystal - Natural Agate + Clear Quartz

enhances precision + stability

boosts courage + strength

grounds unsettled energy

Love Wall Hanging - Rose Quartz + Clear Quartz

encourages healing + self-love

fosters kindness + empathy

brings an essence of peace + gentleness

Purple Agate + Amethyst

promotes tranquility + healthy sleep patterns

fosters metamorphosis + prosperity

boosts strength + awareness

Black Agate + Black Tourmaline

grounds the mind + encourages well being

deflects heavy energy

soothes tension + eases grief

Green Agate + clear Quartz

assists in clearing unhelpful energies

boosts optimism + positivity

amplifies + directs the flow of energy


Crown Chakra ‘I know’:  Quartz – Awareness

Third Eye Chakra ‘I see’:  Amethyst – Intuition

Throat Chakra ‘I speak’:  Sodalite – Communication

Heart Chakra ‘I love’:  Amazonite – Love

Solar Plexus Chakra ‘I share’:  Orange Calcite – Creativity

Sacral Chakra ‘I create’:  Tiger Eye – Strength

Root Chakra ‘I am’:  Red Jasper – Grounding


heightens connection with the moon

increases flexibility + self-awareness

clears negative energy

Clear Quartz Wind Mobile

boosts energy

amplifies the properties of other crystals in its vicinity

heightens awareness

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