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Mindfulness Day + Crystals for Mindfulness

what is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of tuning into the present moment – taking stock of your emotions, physical sensations, surrounding environment, and thought patterns. 

One of the goals of mindfulness is to observe from a neutral perspective – try not to let judgement or worry creep in, simply acknowledge your surroundings and sensations objectively. 

This practice is often used in meditation, though you don’t have to meditate to be mindful.  You can (and should!) take a moment of mindfulness any time and any place. No worries if you don’t begin with a quiet or peaceful state of mind – during your mindfulness practice you will likely naturally relax and your thoughts will slow. With practice, you may even find yourself in a consistent state of mindfulness.

crystals for mindfulness

A crystal can be a wonderful tool during your mindfulness practice for many reasons. Keeping a crystal in your pocket can be a simple reminder to take a mindful moment whenever you feel its weight or brush against it. A crystal can also be a soothing grounding point to hold while observing. Many crystals have metaphysical grounding properties as well, offering you calming energy that can assist in the final goal of mindfulness – finding higher peace.

We’ve rounded up our favorite crystals for mindfulness and mediation:

grounds unsettled energy and racing thoughts.

clears and amplifies energy.

heightens self-awareness and insight.

offers tranquility and gentle metamorphosis.

enhances mental clarity and clears blocked energy.

increases awareness and balances brain hemispheres.

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