healing for a new year

the final full moon of the year is the perfect time to heal and release any heavy energy left from 2021, and renew your spirit to step into the new year with a clean slate.

spontaneous and flexible gemini will support you through any intense or emotional changes and revelations during this time.

the gemini moon will also enhance your communication skills, allowing you the courage and eloquence needed to have any conversations that you need to have to close out the year without any regrets or grudges.

mantras for a gemini full moon

i welcome healing and renewal to my life

i encourage positive change and rebirth

i recognize healing is not always easy or painless

i will treat myself with kindness and love throughout my healing journey

i walk into this new year with bright and clear energy

i look forward to both the gifts and challenges this new year will bring me 

i manifest the reality i most desire

full moon product spotlight:

Healing Stones

Healing Stones brings inspiring information about crystal properties and traditional healing practices together. Learn how to create a relaxing session with crystals from tips on the back of the box.

12 pocket-sized crystals:
-clear quartz (balance + rejuvenation)
-rose quartz (love + harmony)
-lepidolite (calmness + hope)
-amethyst (peace + aura clearing)
-green aventurine (heart + motivation)
-sodalite (logic + truth)
-yellow jade (dreams + ambition)
-orange calcite (appreciation + health)
-carnelian (creativity + releasing grief)
-dalmatian jasper (nurture + protection)
-tiger eye (stability + beauty)
-black obsidian (grounding + sincerity)

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