Throughout the body there are 7 common energy centers of the self. These energies radiate light in a spiral direction, and are associated with physical, mental, emotional, and cosmic aspects of yourself.  Over the course of your life, chakras can become energetically blocked, partially closed, or open too wide. This can cause imbalances and disharmony in you physical, emotional, mental, and etheric bodies. 

The 7 main chakras, their attributes, and their Sanskrit names are as follows:

Different crystals also correspond with different chakras, so if you are feeling some blockage or disharmony in a specific chakra, spend some time with one of the crystals known to help:

Crown Chakra – clear quartz, amethyst, selenite

Third Eye Chakra – amethyst, sodalite, black onyx

Throat Chakra – sodalite, blue kyanite, lapis lazuli

Heart Chakra – amazonite, green aventurine, rose quartz

Solar Plexus Chakra – orange calcite, citrine, yellow jade

Sacral Chakra – tiger eye, carnelian, orange calcite

Root Chakra – red jasper, black tourmaline, agate

Our chakra products are intended to support the opening and clearing of the chakras for a balanced lifestyle.

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