As we journey further from winter and into the warmer months, many people are taking this time to do some spring cleaning – organizing their space, donating items that no longer serve them, scrubbing down dark and forgotten corners. This is a fantastic way to refresh and reset as we enter a new season of our lives. Don’t you think your energy deserves the same treatment? We’ve compiled some of our favorite ways to cleanse our energy!

crystals for renewal and clarity

Spend time with any of these crystals for an energy refresh – do a quick meditation, lay them out in your space, or just keep them in your pocket throughout the day!

Amethyst brings tranquility and encourages metamorphosis and prosperity.

Selenite increases self-awareness and flexibility, assisting in clearing energy that may not serve you at this time.

Amazonite balances energy and reveals truths. Use this clarity to start this new season with a clean slate.

Blue apatite calms mental turmoil and encourages nourishing choices – self-care in a crystal!

Optical calcite enhances communication and mental clarity, allowing one to clearly see the root of an issue.

Citrine encourages optimism and confidence, while fostering clarity and intuition.

Xiuyan jade supports dream insight and offers clarity on the path to achieving your desires.

Blue kyanite strengthens communication skills and increases energy. It is also good for clearing and aligning all chakras.

Lepidolite encourages honesty and calmness, and assists in restructuring habitual patterns.

Black Tourmaline grounds the mind and encourages wellbeing, while also deflecting heavy energy.

And of course, Clear Quartz clears the energy of the space and crystals surrounding it, refreshing all in its presence.

Cleansing Energy through Smudging

Smudging is an ancient practice that combines the air and fire elements with natural herbal properties to clear energy.

A simple energy clearing ritual:

  1. Be present in your mind and body.
  2. Ignite one tip of your sage bundle over a fireproof vessel.
  3. Gently blow out the flame so it is smoldering.
  4. Wave the smudge stick around your energetic field and throughout your space.
  5. Use a feather so direct the smoke to areas that feel particularly heavy.
  6. Circulate air in your space and take a few breaths after clearing to release stale energy attached to the smoke.
  7. Extinguish the smudge stick by placing it in a fireproof vessel filled with sand.
  8. Hold gratitude in your heart for the energy clearing that has occurred.

You can find smudge sticks in both our Aura + Chakra Cleanse Kit and Sanctuary Cleanse Kit.

At Shoppe Geo, we strive to offer ethically and environmentally sound products. We are aware that these natural gifts are extracted from the Earth and we do not take it lightly. We respect all diverse cultural practices and the natural resources used in the creation of this product. We support sustainably sourced materials and offer these natural tools to all who wish to use them wisely. Please use them with intention and respect in your personal practice.

Mantras for Refreshed Energy

I release any stagnant energy that does not serve me

I accept bright energy from the universe

I look forward to the upcoming season of my life

I hold the power to change my mindset and find a fresh outlook

I see the world with an open mind, open eyes, and open heart

I engage in activities that benefit the health of my mind and my body

I engage in thoughts that benefit the health of my mind and my heart

I prioritize my well-being

I radiate positive energy

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