Gemini tends to get an unwarranted bad rap – and we’re here to set the record straight!

Gemini is one of the most charismatic signs of the zodiac – always ready to socialize with old friends and new, quick to plan a spontaneous adventure, and known for their engaging conversation. Their enjoyment of new experiences and people is what often gets them the reputation of being flighty or unreliable, always being excited and ready to jump to the next best thing – but this can also be viewed as adaptability and curiosity!

Their adaptability and curiosity come from the fact that they are the mutable air sign – flexible and uninhibited, with a desire for knowledge and experiences.

We've rounded up a list of the best crystals for Geminis, based on their traits:

Citrine: encourages optimism and confidence; fosters clarity and intuition.

Blue apatite: calms mental turmoil and encourages nourishing choices.

Carnelian: increases confidence and assertiveness; lights a fire to achieve goals.

Sandstone: brings forth creativity and eases mental distractions; promotes acceptance.

Yellow jade: increases ambition and encourages dream-chasing.

Selenite: increases self-awareness and flexibility; enhances connection to higher realms

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