putting in the work

We close out the month of April with a new moon in Taurus.

Taurus prioritizes self-care, even if it takes work. Self-care isn’t always relaxing, sometimes it requires dragging yourself out of bed to take that walk you don’t feel like. Sometimes it’s making that call you’ve been avoiding. Sometimes it’s purging your closet of clothes that no longer serve you. 

The Taurus new moon in the time to put in the work to love yourself. Of course, after putting in the work to check the hard parts of self-care off the list, always treat yourself with some well deserved rest and renewal.  

mantras for a taurus new moon

I am actively caring for my body.

I am actively caring for my mind.

I am actively caring for my soul.

I deserve to feel strong, healthy, and at peace.

I do hard things to benefit myself and boost my wellness.

I practice mindfulness each day to better understand and serve my own needs

I rest. I renew. I rejuvenate.


new moon product spotlight:

12 Day Self-care Toolkit

Set a goal to take a quiet moment of mindfulness for yourself every day for 12 days.

This interactive advent-style box offers 12 personal sized crystals, 1 natural clear quartz point, and plenty of guidance and inspiration to help you “Pause + Connect.” Open each of the 12 windows to reveal a new crystal, learn healing properties, and action steps to begin your journey of self-care with crystals.

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