You have the power to shape outcomes in life by envisioning the ideal reality and setting the intention to claim it.

You don’t have to know an exact physical item, person, place, etc. to bring forth when you practice manifestation. Simply align with the energy of how you want to feel and let the universal forces fill in the details.

Set positive intentions and follow through with conscious action steps to release what holds you back from living your best dream life. Align with abundance consciousness by being grateful for all you experience in life. Harness your innate power by understanding that your mind constructs reality out of illusion: Your life is a dream, and you are an active creator.

The manifestation process is enhanced by using crystals curated for their magic and properties:

Clear quartz: program it with your intentions to assist in co-creation and manifestation. Place it on your third-eye chakra during meditation to bring focus, clarity, and oneness.

Mahogany obsidian: use it to clear your sacral chakra and open creative flow to further align you with your destiny.

Optical calcite: this crystal amplifies your intentions programmed in it, boosting your manifestation capacity.

Labradorite: This crystal connects you with your higher self and non-physical guides.

Black onyx: Use it to bring awareness to actions, like releasing a habitual pattern. Its stabilizing energy is beneficial to balance working with visionary, high vibrational crystals.

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