Even the most creative spirits can run into ‘creator’s block’ from time to time. Meditating with creativity-boosting crystals can help spark new ideas and inspiration. Keep a few of these on hand to keep the creativity flowing, whatever your creative medium is!

blue calcite

enhances connection with lunar energy; encourages creativity + expression. 

Find it in the Essential Collection: Reveal Box


increases confidence + assertiveness; turns inspiration to productivity, lighting a fire to achieve goals.

Find it in Chakra Stones 

blue apatite

calms mental turmoil + encourages nourishing choices; enhances psychic abilities

Find it in Energy Collection: Balance + Reflect Bracelet

mahogany obsidian

inspires creativity + rejuvenates root chakra

Find it in Trust + Manifest Crystal Collection

orange calcite

increases creativity + confidence; assists in working through insecurities + shame.

Find it in the Chakra Collection: Reveal Box


stimulates creativity; encourages patience + appreciation throughout the cycles of life.

Find it in 12 Day Self-Care Toolkit


brings forth creativity + eases mental distractions; reveals hidden truths and promotes acceptance

Find it in Meditation Stones

tiger eye

fosters grounded optimism + creativity; increases awareness and balances the hemispheres of the brain

Find it in Clarity + Focus Crystal Bundle

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