What is PURE Earth Collection?

Pure Earth Collection offers sustainable beauty and wellness products with an elevated aesthetic at an accessible price. This collection is plastic-free. The packaging features high-quality paper boxes with cut-outs to view the products, unbleached cotton fabric elements, and colors inspired by nature. Product design is inspired by ancient wellness tools, modernized for current self-nourishment practices. We aim to create our products responsibly, with respect for natural resources and cultural heritage. All elements are sustainably sourced or responsibly harvested. Holistic design, attention to well-being, and a genuine connection to nature are key concepts in PURE Earth Collection. Wellness, relaxation, and rejuvenation, alongside environmentally impactful practices will remain key topics for consumers throughout the foreseeable future. The PURE Earth Collection answers the call for personally and environmentally sustainable, nourishing products.

Matte Mineral Collection

The PURE Matte Mineral Collection consists of stones to be used as holistic tools for enhancing one’s wellness practice. All products in this collection have a soft, matte finish – a sophisticated take on traditional polished stones. Each crystal is curated based on its metaphysical properties, and held in retail-ready, plastic-free packaging, with a cut-out for viewing the product. Matte Mineral stones are used for stress-relief, meditation, and focus.

Cleansing Tools

Burning cleansing wood, incense, or herbs combines air and fire elements with the healing properties of the cleansing tool. The smoke of the bundle or incense moves heavy energy and replaces it with the energy of love and light. This helps to relieve tension in both the body and throughout the space it is used in. Herbs, incense, and wood may be used together, as the beneficial properties of the different plants will work in harmony. Plastic-free boxes with cut-outs allows for air circulation and product visibility. Packaging offers insight into energy clearing practices. All cleansing tools are sustainably sourced and harvested.

Facial Beauty Tools

PURE Earth Facial Tools are designed to offer optimal well-being on the outside and within. PURE Crystalline Facial Grid blends the practice of acupressure massage with the sacred geometry of crystal grids. This combines a potent, yet gentle interplay of sacred geometry and acupressure points along the nerve meridians of the face and neck. When used with intention, they can clear discordant energy, repair energetic disconnections, and soothe all systems of the body.

The practice of gua sha massage has roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine. GLOW Crystal Massage Tool gently reduces facial puffiness and tension, in addition to the soothing benefits of rose quartz. SUBLIME Crystal Sculpting Tool rejuvenates skin and activates circulation in combination with the uplifting benefits of green aventurine.

Crystal Mandala Bundles

TERRA is a bundle of crystals to use when connecting to the earth (terra) beneath you. Craft a moment of tranquility and gain a sense of grounding through meditation with a mandala. This is inspired by the tradition of nature painting – the practice of creating a mandala with objects from nature, then letting the natural elements of the mandala rejoin the environment.

PURE is a bundle of crystals to use in a quiet, ceremonious mindset. Craft a moment of tranquility and gain mental clarity through meditation with a mandala. Invoke an ancient awareness of creation energy within and around you. Placing the crystals around your environment enhances your experience with the mandala and the “clairs.”