What is PURE Earth Collection?

PURE Earth Collection is a capsule collection by Shoppe Geo. It is an offering of beauty and wellness products from the earth, with colors reminiscent of those found in serene landscapes. Inspiration gathered from ancient wellness tools is reimagined and modernized for current self-nourishment practices.

Holistic design, attention to well-being, and a genuine connection to nature are key concepts in this collection. Zero plastic is used across the packaging, instead using high-quality paper and unbleached cotton. We aim to create our products responsibly and with respect for natural resources and cultural heritage. 

PURE Crystalline Facial Grid

PURE Crystalline Facial Grid blends the practice of acupressure massage with the sacred geometry of crystal grids. This combines a potent, yet gentle interplay of sacred geometry and acupressure points along the nerve meridians of the face and neck. When used with intention, they can clear discordant energy, repair energetic disconnections, and soothe all systems of the body. 

Matte Mineral Palm Stones

The PURE Matte Mineral Collection features a line of Natural Palm Stones inspired by smooth river rocks organically tumbled over time. The soft, matte finish is a sophisticated take on the traditional polished palm stone. Each stone type is curated based on its metaphysical properties.  Palm stones serve as natural tools for enhancing one’s wellness practice. 

Gua Sha Tools: Glow + Sublime

GLOW Crystal Massage Tool gently reduces facial puffiness and tension, in addition to the soothing benefits of rose quartz. SUBLIME Crystal Sculpting Tool rejuvenates skin and activates circulation in combination with the uplifting benefits of green aventurine.

Cleansing Herb Bundles

Cleansing herb bundles offer a way to engage in a sacred ancient practice with respect and intention. Energy cleansing with herb bundles has been practiced throughout history, remaining popular throughout the contemporary wellness lifestyle movement. Cleansing energy by dried herbs combines air and fire elements with natural herbal properties. Each variety of dried herb we offer is curated for this collection based on its healing and cleansing properties.

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