a moon with the virgo constellation overlayed on a light green background

Virgo New Moon: September 10, 2022

re-evaluating priorities

A new moon in Virgo offers a chance to re-evaluate the priorities in your life, in a stable and organized fashion. It is okay for your priorities, goals, and dreams to change – that’s part of the journey of life – but sometimes acknowledging these changes can be scary or confusing.

Grounded and practical Virgo can assist in understanding and embracing these changes, while the new moon offers a perfect jumping-off point for a fresh start and a new era.

mantras for a new moon

I release energies that no longer serve me

I am patient with surprises from the universe, letting them energize me

I welcome fresh ideas and fresh energy

I release thought patterns that do not benefit my peace and joy

I embrace change with optimism, confidence, and trust in my innate gifts.

full moon product spotlight

Make taking time for yourself each day a priority. Our Ritual Kit: Fresh Start shows that a ritual can be as simple as just placing the crystals in their dish every day, or choosing a crystal to carry each morning. Allow yourself to take a quiet moment to “Cleanse + Harmonize” with whatever ritual serves you best.

Includes: 7 personal-sized crystals and trinket dish
– 2.5″ selenite wand (raw, in shrink wrap)
– amethyst (polished)
– fluorite (polished)
– rose quartz (polished)
– citrine (polished)
– black obsidian (polished)
– clear quartz (polished)
– ceramic dish in matte gray glaze with sliver splatter and gold rim

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