YOU are in charge

An Aquarius full moon is a time to put emotions and feelings aside and take ACTION. The straightforward nature of this sign allows us to clear our heads of the daily noise of outside influence and intimidation and make decisions on our own. 

Though social and communicative, Aquarius is independent at their core, knowing exactly who they are and what they want. Channel this energy in your decision-making during this time, and prioritize your needs with grace and confidence. 

mantras for an aquarius full moon

I am independent.

I will not be intimidated.

My higher self knows the best path for me to follow.

I communicate with grace and confidence.

I trust myself to make difficult decisions with confidence.

I have a clear mind, clear heart, clear eyes, and a clear path ahead of me.

full moon product spotlight:

Mystical Insight Pendulum

Allow your higher self to weigh in on your decision making process with the Mystical Insight Crystal Pendulum. Sodalite is best used to reveal and clarify the answers to life’s most confounding questions. This pendulum can be used to develop intuition and clarity, navigate life’s path, and manifest positive changes.

Product Features:
– mini quartz point with 22 karat gold plating
– delicate, gold beaded chain
– tag with simple steps to activate pendulum
– cotton muslin bag for storage

Dimensions: 12” L

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