finding equilibrium

The boost of communication skills provided by the Libra new moon will be a welcome relief coming out of Mercury in Retrograde. Libra is best known for maintaining balance – use this new moon to give yourself a balanced reset.

How is your work – life balance? Your balance between tranquility and adventure? Are you making as much time for taking care of yourself as you are for taking care of others? Check in on these habits and make it a priority to reach a place of equilibrium with the help of Libra!

The Libra moon will also assist you when you then communicate any changes you plan to make in order to maintain balance to those affected!

mantras for a libra new moon

I am grounded and balanced in all aspects of my life

I separate myself from my work when my work hours are over

I make time for myself as I do for others

I seek adventure as I seek peace and quiet

I welcome the good days and the bad

I have the ability to communicate my needs and concerns

I reach equilibrium 

new moon product spotlight

balance + reflect Bracelet

Wear a wash of color with intention! This special bracelet collection highlights both the vibrant beauty and beneficial energetic properties of carefully selected genuine crystal beads. Set an intention to Balance + Reflect each time you wear this bracelet.

Clear quartz: amplifies + directs flow of energy
Lapis lazuli: heightens self-awareness + connection to the stars
Blue apatite: encourages nourishing choices + positive resolutions
Amazonite: reveals truth alignment + divine inspiration

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