International Day of Friendship is July 30th. What better time is there to show your bestie your love and appreciation for them with a crystal!? We’ve rounded up some of our go-to crystals for healthy and happy friendships!

emerald quartz

Collaboration is key for emerald quartz. It strengthens love and compassion, while inspiring creativity and abundance, making for positive and productive teamwork.

blue kyanite

Healthy communication is key in good friendships, and blue kyanite greatly increases communication skills and social energy.


One of the best parts of a good friendship is, of course, the FUN. Citrine boosts joy, optimism, confidence, and positivity, bringing all the best energy to the party!


One of the many uses for moonstone is to boost patience and appreciation throughout the cycles of life. True friendship can be hard work as we navigate the ups and downs of life together, let moonstone support you through it all!


This crystal encourages honesty and calmness, even in stressful times. This is a great crystal to support you in supporting your bestie during their hard times or difficult decisions.


This crystal encourages harmony and compassion, fostering easy companionship and comfort within a relationship.

smoky quartz

One of the lesser-known properties of this well-known crystal is its ability to enhance community connection. This is a great crystal for larger friend groups, supporting cohesiveness and bonding within groups.


you know the best friend that’s been in your life for so long that they might as well be family? Maybe you even bicker like siblings? Mookaite assists in familial healing + communication and may help keep the peace in long-term friendships.

lapis lazuli

Often considered ‘the friendship stone,’ lapis lazuli creates warmth, empathy, and understanding within relationships.

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