Natural Palm Stones: Crystal Connection To The Earth

Palm stones are 2”- 3” smooth ovular stones, meant to be held in the palm of the hand to receive healing energy. These stones can be used to assist in focus, self-soothing practices, and meditation. The PURE Matte Mineral Collection features a line of Natural Palm Stones inspired by smooth river rocks organically tumbled over time. The soft, matte finish is a sophisticated take on the traditional polished palm stone. Each stone type is curated based on its metaphysical properties.  Palm stones serve as natural tools for enhancing one’s wellness practice. 

The smooth texture and wide shape is meant to fit perfectly in the palm of the hand for a palpable energetic connection. There is a secondary heart chakra in the palm of the hand, making this a powerful way to connect deeply with the energy of the crystals. When holding a palm stone, you may notice a tingle or vibration as energy moves from the stone to the body. Everyone will interact with each palm stone differently, and you might have different experiences each time you pick up the same stone – there is no right or wrong way to connect with the energy!

Crystal Properties Of The Matte Mineral Collection

Palm Stone Uses And Practices

Focus: Palm stones can take the place of a fidget tool by helping to channel energy into a single spot or action, instead of energy being scattered and distracting. This helps to align your energy into a place of mental focus and clarity.

Self-Soothing: Self-soothing can be as simple as reaching for a palm stone when feeling anxious emotionally out of balance. Taking deep breaths and setting the intention that the palm stone will help you regain a sense of balanced, grounded energy is an effective way to reduce stress levels and connect to the stability of the Earth.

Meditation: Connect to your Higher Self through the metaphysical properties of the stones. Use this connection for dream insight, manifestation, receptivity to beneficial energies, and receiving messages from cosmic guides.

Clearing After Use: Clear the energy of the palm stone after each use by envisioning it surrounded by bright white light. Gently blow on the stone three times to transmute any heavy energy into pure love and light.