Wherever you are in your academic journey, we have plenty of options for getting your mind in zone, and turning your space into a sanctuary. We’ve rounded up our top 10 Shoppe Geo back to school essentials to make sure the upcoming school year starts on the right foot!

1. Cleanse + Elevate Crystal Grid Kit

Cleanse + Elevate Crystal Grid Kit is a compact and easy way to ensure your bedroom, workspace, dorm – wherever! – becomes a safe space. The kit includes guides for how to create 6 different grids: Aura Clearing; Heart + Body Clearing; Diamond White Light Cleansing; Body + Space Cleansing; Freedom + Movement; and Grounding + Clearing. Take it with you to support all of your fresh starts and moments of refreshment.

2. Wall Hangings

Wall hangings are some of Shoppe Geo’s bestselling items – and for good reason! With 11 hangings to choose from, there is something for any room aesthetic or color scheme. The best part? They are light enough to mount with adhesive hooks – no nails necessary!

3. Clarity + Focus Crystal Bundle

Struggling to get back into the study groove? Just need a little extra support from the universe? The Clarity + Focus Crystal Bundle is here to help you buckle down and get to work! With sodalite for focus + inspiration, clear quartz for clarity + amplification, and tiger eye for practicality + harmony, these crystals work together to sharpen the mind.

4. Ritual Kit: Fresh Start

Daily routines are a fantastic way to keep yourself feeling grounded and calm during chaotic times – turn your daily routine into a daily ritual with Ritual Kit: Fresh Start! Follow the cleansing + harmonizing ritual described in the box, or make your own ritual! It can be as simple as choosing which crystal you want to carry in your pocket each day.

5. Crystal Point Bracelets

Perhaps the easiest way to take the good vibes on the road is with our Crystal Point Bracelets. Choose from 7 different styles, based on the colors, crystals, and vibes that speak to you!¬† Whether you’re looking for healing, abundance, balance, or guidance – we have the bracelet for you.

6. Clarity Mini Stone Pack

Keep it classic with one of our original mini stone packs: Clarity. Fluorite increases concentration and heightens mental clarity, while selenite removes energy blockages and supports a balanced mind – the perfect combo for knocking out some homework, or just clearing your head at the end of the day!

7. 12-Day Self-Care Toolkit

You owe it to yourself to make self-care a priority! We’ve made it easy and fun with out 12 Day Self-Care Toolkit. The interactive packaging allows you to open a crystal a day for 12 days, along with inspirational messages and mantras to boost your energy.

8. Fluorite Tower

Fluorite is best know for its ability to spark productivity and focus, so our fluorite towers couldn’t be a more perfect addition to your desk or workspace!

9. Mini Energy Set: Dream + Shine

Back-to-school season is one of the best times to ‘dream + shine.’ Let nephrite jade and selenite fill you with optimism and confidence to achieve the goals you have set for yourself for this upcoming time of your life! Check out the rest of the Mini Crystal Energy Sets for even more positive intentions.

10. Energy Amplifying Quartz Crystal Lamp

Our Quartz Crystal Lamp is multi-talented. First of all, it is of course, energy amplifying, giving the vibes of your room a boost and a cleanse. It also radiates warm and cozy light, helping to bring max comfort to your room or dorm!

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