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TERRA Crystal Mandala + Bundle | Shoppe Geo

TERRA is a bundle of crystals and mandala to use when connecting to the earth (terra) beneath you.
Craft a moment of tranquility and gain a sense of grounding through meditation with a mandala. Energetic practices and an awareness of the abundance of the earth are supported by a curated selection of crystals and printed mandala cloth. This is inspired by the tradition of nature painting – the practice of creating a mandala with objects from nature, then letting the natural elements of the mandala rejoin the environment. This product is part of our PURE Earth Collection.

Use TERRA to:
Practice mindfulness
Ground and stabilize your energy
Commune with nature and access the Divine Feminine
Experience harmony between yourself, Mother Earth, the cosmos, and beyond

Canvas drawstring bag (100% cotton)
Information card with crystal properties
Printed mandala cloth (100% cotton)
4 crystals:
1-2″ yellow fluorite
1″ clear quartz point
0.5-0.75″ rainbow fluorite
0.5-0.75″ labradorite
100% recyclable (contains no plastic)

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